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I recently got back from visiting a new customer of mine in Barrow, Alaska. Otherwise known as the northernmost spot in the US. Weird place. It's got everything from high-tech leftovers from the Cold War, to the latest in climate change tracking equipment. Oh yeah, it's also got a fairly extensive whaling history...sealskin umiaks with waterproof stitching, whaleribs, and skulls. Check out the water. You can tell how cold it is just by looking at how gelatinous it appears. The fairly ramshackle house is owned by the Chairman of the Board for a billion dollar corporation. Can you imaging Donald Trump living there??? Finally, apparently Montana does not have a lock on big sky. Enjoy!


  1. JB,

    These are some really fantastic shots - your earlier comment of "I'm not sure the quality of my composition is quite up to par..." has just been rendered moot. Did you shoot these with your Canon 10D? Awesome material, thanks for sharing. - CR

  2. Very good photos, keep them coming!

  3. 10D, baby. I love it. (I initially was trying to upload the original images, but all the pixels broke the blogger!)


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