lisa's texas shots

well, cody, you said you wanted snapshots of my little urban lifestyle, it sure is ugly here in the city but we know how to live it up. these are shots of friends, my ballet students, and a recent trip to coney island. as you can see, my frequent method of photography is the self-portrait-double-chin shot.

i can't for the life of me figure out how to organize the shots, so right now they jump around. any advice?

i'm no photographer, with my dinky little ancient digitial, but i'll try to keep sending shots of shit that i miss when i live in montana, and the quirky wierd folks of austin. i'll send some pics of the hill country, too, which really is gorgeous, but i'll leave the truly beautiful shots to y'all!

have fun,


  1. Ouch that picture of the Cyclone brings back flashbacks and my back is aching again.

  2. El Mahache',

    Thanks for the great pics - they're exactly what I was hoping for. I feel bad that folks think they have to post only artsy stuff...I like seeing it, but this is a place for friends to share pictures, not compete. Thank you for joining up and submitting down. I hope to be able to visit you in Austin one day to see for myself. Love to you.



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