Ahhhhhh.... Hawaii!

(at least it's only a 5 hour flight away)


  1. JB,

    AK to HI to AK to the MT to AK. Sweetness. I really enjoyed these pics, great variety. The shot of the two waterfalls with the bridge in the back is stellar. I also liked the pool of water in the dark rocks. You should really look into getting a circular polarizing filter for your lense(s). A polarizer will do amazing things to both water/reflections and blue skies at certain angles to the sun....I'll demonstrate at your up-coming partoi. Look forward to seeing you and Jen,

  2. I'm there!!! Nice shots!

  3. Great Pix JB. Missed seeing ya on yer last visit. Best to you and your new venture. That sixth shot... hmmm looks like eh..er..



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