Hi! I am Melissa Vidal and I am a french exchange student. I am in internship with Larry Stanley and he gave me the opportunity to understant the art of photography. I want to share my photographs with you and to show you my perspective of the United State. Bonne journee! :-)

By the way, this picture is an artistic picture for my show. I will give a show in Livingston to introduce ''the United State see by the eyes of a French girl''


  1. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for joining my blog. I enjoyed your images, expecially 5 and 8. It appears as though you're using a digital camera to take the images and not scanning printed film, so let me know if you have any editing questions...say, in Photoshop. I'd be glad to help. Again, welcome aboard.


  2. Glad to have you on the blog Melissa! Thanks for posting. Hopefully you can keep posting when you are back in France too.

  3. HMMMM where again are those snack machines........Fading memory!!


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