Ministry and ears are still ringing!

Revolting Cocks first, last four are Ministry.

Middle of the week madness, it was a good show. I actually liked the Revco show more than Ministry, they kept playing their new Anti-Bush albums which gets old after the first 5 songs...and they have replaced most of the original lineup including Barker, with some sweaty animal who flipped me off for taking his picture and tryed to sick one of the Roadies on me! I did get to meet the guitarist for Revco, he was hanging out in the crowd, cool guy but he has a weak handshake and soft hands...which made me uncomfortable... Revco's bassist is freakin' hot in a dangerous sort of way. I got some good pics, and good video clips w/bad sound quality, it was even too much for the camera's microphone! Anyways, hope you all enjoy the pics.


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