Lovely O'Canada

I'm well behind in posting these images, but my computer is finally up and rolling at 120%. So, my trip to Canada. What an amazing time. Bill and Adrienne were the finest of hosts and treated us like royalty. We did so many great things, yet still had time to relax and make great meals, even watched a movie. One evening we made sangria with fresh was tops. Many thanks to both Bill and Adi for their generosity, and to Celene for being a great travel partner (my last trip to a foreign country with a woman was questionable, at best). heh

Their town (Trail, B.C.) is right on the Columbia River, which is massive and fast. In many ways the town is quite like Livingston, but the elevation is such that their garden zone is way different than our own. Lush and vibrant, more trees than one could count - and of every variety of leaf and needle both. They were just starting to turn, but not too much. I'm sure it's beautiful right now - both summer and autumn colors at once. I can't wait to make the trip again someday.

This is absolutely the longest blog caption in history. To match, here are a 'few' of the great things I got to see...



  1. Bravo Cody, those are spectacular. That is the single largest upload to the lips yet. Good job man. Looks like you are exploring the limits of the new camera and lenses. Good show mate, good show.

  2. Black and white photography rules!!!

  3. Nice work brother Code. I personally liked the commentary as well as the shots! It goes without saying but, we can hardly wait for you to come back...


  4. Just checkin' out the site and looking at older posts... Came across these & WOW! Very nice. I especially love the weed growing out of the street. Beautiful work here.


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