I heart wetlands....

I was out with my old pooch Borris, checking out the local wetlands on a fall day last weekend. He looks like a hunting dog but just doesn't get the bird concept. He's a great companion for hunting with my camera. There were some cool subtle fall colors, and some fresh snow in the mountains. The old barn is in the middle of another Bozeman development area, about to be swallowed up by businesses and houses. I thought I would get a shot of it before it was surrounded. There were buildings going up directly behind and everything was divided up and ready for more. There is so much character in these old structures. It is impossible to duplicate that in this day and age.


  1. That's a great shot of Boris, he looks like a professional bird hunting dog! I venture into that area during my lunch hour every once and a while. The barn is really interesting and I enjoy the small lake. It's a good photo area, but you’re right, the barn is going to be scrapped soon.

  2. love that barn. jesus. love that barn.


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