The Japan

I thought you all might enjoy some pictures of my newest tattoo (and these are some of the only photos I have of the Japan). So, as some of you know, this little adventure through the Asia started in the Japan, roughly four years ago. I spent over 3 1/2 years in that proud land living in the Tokyo, the Sapporo, and the Osaka area (also known as the Kansai), with other extensive travels in country. The Japan is a wondrous place, with much to offer in the way of culture, culinary arts, snow, and, of course, the fairer sex. One of the things that I wanted to do in that historic place, was get a big, f-off yakuza tattoo, and here is the result. In fact, that was the reason for the move to the Osaka, as that city has a well-known and well-received tattoo parlor in the form of Chopstick Tattoo (actually three branches). A word of explanation: the motif is based on heaven and earth, hence the koi coming out of the water on the forearm with cherry blossoms surrounding; the waves created by the fish flow into the lotus flower upon which the Buddha sits--this particular image is based on the large Buddha statue located at Todai-ji temple in the Nara (a city in the Kansai); this then comes over the shoulder into the taiko drum (What is the basis of all music?) which has what is known as a tomoe--a yin-yang-like symbol interlocking heaven, earth, and the spirit of man--on its face; finally the little beasty on the inner part of my upper arm is a kirin which is a mythical animal much like a griffin--a conglomeration of different animal body parts--and only appears on earth in times of great harmony, not to mention being an omen of good luck. Anyways, word.



  1. Wow! I've seen these pictures before, but that is the best tat ever! Thanks for sharing. It's good to have you on the blog and I look forward to the good times ahead. You are the Yakuza Norseman. Word, and word.

  2. Wow! Those are incredible tatoos. You've put in some hours on the chair. I like the style and subject matter. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. They made that nipple look so real!
    Nice ink, man. I can't wait to see that live!
    Soon? What's on the horizon for you?


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