Chico Peak Pano

Doolittle and I went up Chico Peak last weekend, a quick overnighter. This is a 360-degree panorama from as high as we got - 10,044 feet. We sat discussing whether or not we were going to summit the last peak when we noticed a rather large grizzly bear just below us, which we sat and watched for nearly an hour. Between the bear and rolling thunder from a fast-approaching storm, we decided to head a quick pace. Of course, a mile or so from the car we had a 30-foot encounter with a speeding moose. Montana rocks.

Be sure to enlarge the panorama to its full size when it opens in your browser. Interestingly, since this photograph was taken a week ago, a raging wildfire has sprung up just a few drainages over. If taken today, all you would see in front of Andrew (picture-right) is smoke roaring east at 30,000+ feet.


  1. Great shot! I really enjoy the panoramic shots you've been creating.

  2. mmm..very nice! You have inspired me to get outside. Beautiful Code Red.

  3. Spectacular!! Great pano!

  4. when it is enlarged it truly is a really great shot. Nice Work


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