New Photo Studio in Bozeman

Greetings Livingston Photo Society friends and visitors!!

It's been a while since I stopped by to post. So, well, here's a fatty.

I am excited to announce that Larry Stanley Photography and Lauren Brown Photo have opened a studio together in Bozeman. Yep, all our work under one roof in a really cool studio on the North side. We've joined a collective of creative types... hard working and fun loving, designers, photographers (Lauren and I), sound guys, digital animators, and film makers.

More on all the details later, but for right now WELCOME to our Studio! Drop by and see us sometime at Peach Street Studios, 627 East Peach Street, Bozeman,MT. Lauren and I had fun taking pictures of ourselves in the new digs. Enjoy!

Oh yeah... the Lab is Yeshe. She's my photo assistant. She helps me eat things that I can't. ha ha ha


  1. Hey, Congrats guys, nice space. You've got a cool thing going there.

  2. Nice digs, looks great. It's cool to see the space looking alive and ready for biz - Chris, Jay and I almost moved into that very office last year. Best of luck this coming season!

  3. Congratulations on your new space! I look forward to stopping by and seeing it - It looks amazing!


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