Summer on Mount Hood

Hi everyone, my name is Wilson. Im a new member of LPS. I go to the University of Puget Sound and am friends with Lauren Stanley and met Larry Stanley through her. With the help of Larry and Cody, I am now sharing some of my photos with you all.

This is a backpacking trip I actually took last summer with my two best friends on Mount Hood in Oregon. It was one of the greatest and most beautiful trips I have ever done. Here are just a few of my favorite photos from the trip.


  1. Hey Wilson, welcome aboard! Great to see some of your work, it's really great. Not sure what lens you're using, but it's nice...that shallow DOF on the lizard shot is amazing. I think my favorite, just for the emotion or feeling that it conveys, is your two buddies at sunset, one with his foot up on the rock. Really peaceful. Thanks for the post, I'm glad to have you on the team.


  2. Oh yeah, I moved your commentary up to the top of the images. It was having some display issues between web browsers, so I just did the easiest fix. Hope that's cool... Ahoy!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing and welcome to LPS!


  4. Wilson, Nice work. You've inspired me to post some new work very soon. I'm shooting with these ladies that do yoga/horse back riding retreats in the mountains of Big Sky. Shooting some images for German SHAPE magazine and their web site. Should be fun. I'll post. Do good on your finals. See you this summer in Montana!

  5. Wilson, we are very glad for you to joining with LPS, Here special soloute from northern Iraqi member of LPS, Keep going, your photos are wonderful.
    Welcome aboard.


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