Eaten Alive?

Coming soon on Animal Planet

Here is something completely different - a major diversion from my usual work.

I got an assignment shooting stills for a TV program recently. Discovery Channel's - Animal Planet will be airing a program called Eaten Alive, and they were here in Montana shooting a piece on a Grizzly Bear mauling. I'll let you see the photos, but don't faint... the blood is fake. But the bear is quite real. His name is Brutus and his master is Casey. This is the most fantastic thing you've ever seen. Casey raised Brutus since he was a cub. Now he's 900 lbs! I can't tell you in words what its like to stand a few feet from a full grown Grizzly! But maybe the photos will give you an idea. Enjoy the pics.

And for those of you that think a photographers job (especially one that shoots weddings every weekend) might be a bit too, well... all bouquets and dresses? Not mine!

Isn't Brutus beautiful???


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