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Well, some say that Jessie Wilcox has turned the local hospital food system on it's head.

The local magazine Edible Bozeman is running the story and I got to shoot with this happy and energetic Chef Jessie at the Livingston Hospital one morning while she was preparing lunch. Jessie is buying local meat and produce which costs less than the typical institutional food that hospitals commonly serve. The cool thing is that it required a few more jobs to be created in the kitchen, supports our ranches and growers, it's fresher, makes delicious more nutritious food. All this and it doesn't cost them a cent more. Brilliant!

Locals have found out about the very reasonable... delicious meals at the hospital and a number of folks walk in for breakfast and lunch every day of the week.

Anyone who will do a hand stand on a food prep table in a hospital kitchen is HUGE in my book! Thanks Jessie, you're delightful.


  1. I'm hungry for some fresh food!! Great story Larry - thanks for posting! gg

  2. Why'd you have to go and make me hungry, Larry? ha Great set of images, thanks for posting up.

  3. Hey Larry, I was going back through this site to see who actually posts anything and I realized that these were your photos. I had seen 'em before I met you and now here we are. Awsome Job! Love your stuff. You should put some of thos shots up here of the Fresh Designs flowers!!! Catch ya soon! Eric

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