Not all ribbons and bouquets

Well, as you know, life is not all about sunny bluebird days with ribbons and bouquets. There is the substance of life and love in every place and every experience. And I think it's important to share the fact that I shoot all sorts of interesting projects. I always have fun working with great folks and discovering all facets of life.

In my last life (in LA) I shot advertising for about 10 years. It seems to keep coming back around. This time I ventured off to Great Falls for a week and shot for the Benefis Hospital. They're in the process of completing a brand new wing of their hospital.

I nabbed my fab business partner and friend, Lauren Brown to assist me for a week. And here are a few snaps.

The high tech and up to date Operating Room. whoa!

This is one of the fine ladies that I work with. She does allllll the foot work for days of shooting, and coordinates our time with the Doc's schedule... a job that I don't envy. Great work Vicki!

Lauren standing in.

Doctors Brown and Stanley

Shooting with no hands.

and the result.

Here are some grabs from an Ad shoot we did with a fine guy up in Conrad that had his back fixed. Now he's out in the field again, keeping the American black gold going into the reserve.

The cute and funny Tianna came along on Friday to help me in the oil fields. Thanks T!

Oh and last but not least Lauren and I took a picture of ourselves in front of El Comedor. Great food and.... the largest selection of Tequila in the state. 50 different brands!!! That's why Lauren is smiling and I'm looking quizzically into the lens of my own camera. ha ha ha


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