Former Palaces of Saddam in Kurdistan -The Norh-Region

Sorry for my grammer mistakes on my previous post title...It is Shooting Adventures, but it was a nice chance to show you another subject!

During the role of Saddam in Iraq, he built too many Palaces for his family! specially in the northern part or Kurdisatn.
Here two of his remains of palaces over the top of Bamarny Mountain -2020 Mt high- in Duhok governorate, this place was full with mines so we did not go closser, but the other one is near Bamarney plain on a wonderful location infront of Mount Gara.
All these palces of Kurdistan are attacked by angry peoples during the 1st Rising of 1991.

(Nothing Lasts For Ever!)


  1. Wow Azhy! Interesting photos. Yes, nothing lasts for ever. Thanks for the pics.

  2. Great pics, great insight. Thanks!


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