Traditional Black and White

Looks like LPS is feeling a little neglected. I can't even remember the last time I personally posted anything. So, to jumpstart this blog, and to end this year and hopefully kick off 2010 with a bang, here is my contribution.

As many (some) of you know, almost all of my landscape photography is done with large format view cameras. 4x5 to be exact. I have been involved with this format for about 13 years. Up until September of 08 I was only using color film. Then, when cost of processing nearly doubled overnight and quality got worse, I decided to try my hand at traditional black and white. I took over the spare bathroom in my house and now use that for a darkroom. I don't have an enlarger so I only do contact prints. I'm pretty well set, but would like more room. Someday perhaps.

So its been about 15 months now and I have developed and printed about 15 sheets. To say its going slow is gross understatement. But, I most definitely prefer the hands on and control of doing it myself.

That brings us to the picture. Lower Falls, in Yellowstone of course. Photo shot this past spring. My favorite of the 15 or so pictures. This photo is a scan (yuck! digital!)... of the 4x5 contact print.

Thoughts or comments?

(standard disclaimer..My scanner is about 10 years old and it sucks...I hate it, but it's what I have, and the photo looks better in person).

Now I invite you, long time LPS members, to share some of your photos.



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