Sunlight Lake

With such nice weather we have been having I decided to take a hike today. Went to Sunlight Lake in the Crazies. I have been wanting to come here for sometime now and I am glad I finally made it. The hike in was good, about 4 miles to the lake. I am guessing but it probably gains about 2500 to 3000ft before dropping down to the lake. The trail is well worn and not very rocky until you get above the trees. But even then its pretty easy going. HOWEVER..... I am sure when the trail was made they had not heard of switchbacks??? Would have been nice in a couple of spots. Saw about 20 Mountain Goats while I was there too. Will definitely be on my "MUST CAMP THERE SOMETIME" list.



  1. thumbs up on this one.........thanks for sharing


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