New Project

Another project in the works. This time its a lens. I started out with a P.O.S. Nikon 28-80mm, seemingly all plastic, junky, kit lens, that would not auto focus (although manual operation seemed to function). These lenses are about 40 bucks on the used market. First step was to disassemble it to get at the glass lenses. There were 3 lenses that seemed to be the correct size for what I needed. Now, I am NOT a lens designer so I had no idea if any of them would work. Trial and error, mounting them one at a time on the lens board, none of the individual lenses worked, save for one that was more or less super wide and would focus at about 6 inches. Next I started to combine the lenses. And that brings us to here. In the photo I have two lenses separated by a small piece of plastic pill bottle, all held together by Gorilla Tape. By my very rough calculations, I have a 170mm F5.4 lens that will cover the 4x5 format. This is not going to be some super duper ultra sharp lens. It will have a very soft focus, so I am thinking best used for portraits. Next step, hopefully this week or next, take some pictures with it and see how they come out. Stay tuned



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