Freezeout Lake 2012

Made the pilgrimage to Freezeout Lake over the weekend to watch the Snow Goose migration.  Arrived on Friday evening with about 6 inches of new snow on the ground, which made for interesting driving and interesting camping.  The snow had stopped falling by morning, but I awoke to heavy fog with temps in the mid 20's, and that's how it stayed the rest of the weekend.
Snow Geese
  The heavy fog mad for tough viewing, even though there were reported to be 50,000 snow geese in the area.  Finally on Sunday morning I come across a large number of geese in one of the more southern ponds.  I guess geese are kind of camera shy and decided to depart the area when the big lens was pointed at them.  It really is a sight to behold, watching many thousands of geese take off out of the water at the same time.   Along with the geese, there were a large number of Swan in the area, also Canada Geese, and many variety of ducks.

Bird lovers and photographers, if you ever get a chance, I recommend a trip to Freezeout Lake in Montana, you will not be disappointed.   




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