Black Mountain and Granite Peak

Two peaks in one week, I don't think I could keep up this pace.  Summer is drawing near and treks into the mountains have been way over do.   So might as well get them in when I can.

Trip #1...Black Mountain

August 28th, this is a great little day hike, probably even better if you spend a night or two at Pine Creek Lake for some fishing.  But, I only had a day.  Black Mountain is the second highest in the Absaroka range of Montana with the summit at 10,948.  I took this photo on the way down, right before the lightning and rain started.  I did the B&W conversion, but now I can't decide which I like better.  The color version to me has a "painted" like feeling to it...with Happy Little Trees too.  The B&W, a little more dramatic.  Help me decide.

Trip #2...Granite Peak SUCCESS

Sept 2nd, Labor Day.  Tallest peak in Montana 12,799.  Made it back to Granite after having to abort the attempt last year (scroll down for a trip report ).  This we did as an overnight-er.  East Rosebud to the top of Froze to Death Plateau the first day, summit and hike out the second.  I know some people do this as a day hike....more power to ya.  This was a great climb.  We did the classic East Ridge route.  Weather was great except for a little rain on the hike out.  Like many climbers on Granite, we free soloed the climb and then repelled down.  The route required a lot of attention so I didn't take a ton of photos on the way up.  This photo here was from the evening of our first day.  Glad to have made it this time.



  1. LOVE seeing your posts! Keep up the nice work! I admire your love for the outdoors! and love the photos of Shiloh too!

  2. Nice Shots Ken! I vote for the B+W, I like the drama.


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