Photo a day challenge 2014

You've heard of it, take a photo a day.  I've heard of it, never have done it, gonna try it.... So here is my plan. Using the above camera and film (I have a bunch of it still), I am going to take exactly one and only one photo each day.  At the end of the month I will get film processed and scanned and post the results here.  Don't worry, if I need to take more than one photo I have other cameras for that, but this camera will be for the one shot a day.   So time to get started, its 8pm and I have to take my first picture.  I'm feeling the dog will be a big part of this process.  Lets see how long I will keep this up.



  1. Love this! Do you mind if I borrow this idea? I haven't done film for a long time, and would like to try it again. Looking forward to seeing your pictures for January! Cheers!


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