Gannett Peak Wyoming

Howdy Folks,

Here is a quicky pano from my Gannett Peak climb.  Gannett Peak is Wyoming's high point at 13,809 ft above sea level. 

We hiked in from the east on the Glacier trail and climbed the standard Gooseneck Ridge route.  With a 4 am start I was on the summit around 8:30 on July 3rd 2014.  We had great weather and because it was early in the season there was no bergschrund to navigate around.  The snow had softened noticeably by the time I climbed down.  We were in and out in 4 long days and on a side note the mosquito's were not to terribly insane but annoying just the same.

Gannett Peak Pano

My little Canon A640 point and shoot camera which has accompanied me on many hikes has been acting up lately and I have decided to retire that camera.  I still haven't replaced it yet so on this climb I took the even smaller Olympus Stylus Epic 35mm with three rolls of Kodak Portra 400VC film, long since expired.   I am happy with the results but as many of you know processing, printing, and scanning sucks much money from ones wallet.  I would be looking for recommendations for a new camera, what is everybody else using?



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