Spring Fishing on the Missouri

Ok, something different from this bag toter.

I was up in Great Falls for a few days shooting for a St. Louis Ad agency. The rewards of which (aside from employment!) was a beautiful afternoon on the Missouri with a retired Orvis guide Jerry and his grandson Mika. What a treat. I would like to spend about a week fishing with this guy. The weather had been wet and overcast the entire two days before and miraculously the sky opened up and graced us with one of those memorable Spring afternoons on the river. Enjoy the view!


  1. Glad to hear you had a great time fishing in the midwest. It really does look like one of those great Spring days you mentioned, great moments.

  2. To be you for that day...

  3. Good times, Lar. Rivers around here are interesting for me...I don't fish. I've floated the Smith twice and not fished...but I've got thousands of fun photos. :-) Always a blast.

    Beauty day, neat to see the two of them getting to have that time together. Did you fish?


  4. Thanks, it was a cool day. No, I didn't fish but I was in the water up to my thighs. Kind a soaked my shorts. Worth it.

  5. Hey Brad, the Missouri starts up here in Montana so I didn't have to go to the Mid West to fish the MO. I didn't know if your comment was tonge in cheek or ??? FYI. Glad you liked the shots.


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