This Bear's Life


  1. AD,
    Nice job!!! You have really captured the beauty of Montana. From the contrast of your (california?) poppies and the sky, to the rainbow that separates the dark from the light. Great framing!! Keep it up!!

  2. I echo K the T. One look at these pics and we know what the phrase "fine art photography" means. You sure know how to tell a story!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your Mammy Junebug

  3. That bear has seen it all. After his chainsaw conception, he's been through thick and thin. Hard to believe he was in that tree just waiting to come out, and someone made it happen. Nice Andrew!!! It's been too long since I've been out to your place. I'd love to come visit again.

  4. Cool project. I've seen others like this one where people take an object and photograpgh it everywhere they go. Interesting to see a bear like yours though and as part of the scene, not dominating it.

  5. David,

    I really like what you've done with this bear. Keep dressing it in flowers...bring the flying bugs...make honey. Bear will eat.



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