There's just something about a lake at 10,000 ft above sea level. Lake Dillon near Breckenridge was my evening fair. I've got a mountain ranch wedding tomorrow and I'm just sitting here in this motel, by myself. Hence, the time to put something up to share. I got a rental car in Denver... it's an ugle little Dodge Magnum with this huge engine and 15 inch wild wheels and rubber to match. I watched the gas guage plunge as I ascended to altitude. It reminded me of my dad's 62 Chevy Impala wagon that so crazy. I used to get it to four wheel drift through corners. I was tempted to try it with this overpowered hemi station wagon. lol Guess I shouldn't reveal such mountian road thoughts... Heather might read this!

code man... you'd love this lake. But get this, you can't swim in the lake!!! Colorado is so flippin controlled. I'm gonna do it anyway tomorrow morning before I go to the wedding.

Later, Lar


  1. Nice lake shot. The car shot is nice too, but I really like the first one!

  2. Hey Lar,

    Sounds like you're enjoying your time - I love the illegal swim. The shot is beautiful, looks like a great place to visit someday. CO is an unknown to me, I've spent too little time there. Jay and I are planning a return trip to the desert this fall, maybe we'll be able to cut through the state for some turning trees and such. Thanks for planting the seed...

    Also, I'm pretty sure this is the first 'At Large' post by a LivPhotSoc member...meaning, from the road. Well done, my geek friend. :-)


  3. Code,
    Well let's see I have two firsts now with the LIvPhotSoc. First "at large" and First "nude". Shall I extrapolate what the next First shall be???

  4. Ahhhh yess!
    Dillon, CO. I know of plenty of watering holes to get your swim on just a couple minutes from the Lake........


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