Here are a few of the shots I took while spending the last two months in Alaska , fishing. These are taken at Brooks Camp in Katmai National Park. While I was there I saw twenty or so different bears and got with 50 yards of several of them. The pics are not that great it was a low light day I did not bring a tripod but they turned out alright. It also would have been nice to have a huge telephoto lens but I made due. I have a few more shots of Alaska but I will post them Later.

This shot is of two cubs playing


  1. KK,

    I've always wanted to go to Brooks, it's one of two places on Earth where grizzly or brown bears congregate. The other is a in Yellowstone, where the bears have learned that moths amass underneath rocks on a particular talus slope...mmm, moths, tasty. It's not uncommon to see 6-10 bears there. Very cool shots, mang, you were right on it. Jay or I can show you how to brighten the pictures a bit in Photoshop, if you'd like.

    Thanks for sharing this cool experience,

  2. I enjoy these shots also! I happen to really like the soft 70's porn light you have going on in these. It looks like you shot it with expired film, cool effect! It also looks like you were dangerously close Timothy Treadwell. Keep it up!


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