Come fly your friendly skies

This is a plane graveyard out in the desert. Another photographer and I are shooting a spread for a couple magazines here next week. This was a preliminary scout. This place seemed to go on forever. It will make for amazing shots at dusk with a strobe and maybe some gels. I really enjoyed the planes from the 70's. The paint schemes should be brought back in full force. I want a truck or a van with a matching speed boat painted that way.


  1. I really like the first, second, and last shot. Very cool color!

  2. craziness...what a strange place. there are graveyards for people, cars and planes. i wonder where else they herd the 'deceased' for eternity. very cool shots, kondo, i've dreamed about visiting a site like this ever since i saw some similar shots in National Geographic when I was about 12. peace, brother.


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