Gypsy Garden

This weekend I got to visit my favorite 'gypsy garden' on the Main Boulder. So beautiful up there this time of year. Here are a few shots.


  1. Corn-
    that last shot of the Buda. My mom had the same figure in her garden for years. One of my first serious b/w images was of that same figure'ne?. Any how, cool shots.


  2. O'kay
    now yer f'ning wit me drawers. I have an angel cupid thing much like your first shot in me spider riden basment only its black cause I rid the dark horse shniz. Still, yer freakin' me out.


  3. Thanks for your comments guys. Max, I'm not sure why I didn't take a picture of elk head...ersh. I guess I was too captivated by the pregnant woman shooting off the .45 over to our right. Ha...
    Jack, if I get your comments right, I just took you down memory highway. Were you wearing your seatbelt? :-)


  4. Red, looks like you snagged a good header photo for the blog coming back over to Livingston. Looks great. I'm in Seattle for the week, trying to get some snaps, but have had a lot of rain. Hoping to get to the Olympic Sculpture garden today. See you soon.

    ps, can't wait to see your latest Utah photos

  5. Captain Beardless,
    Love the pictures. Love, love, love, love them! You are very talented to say the least. By-the-way I do have a couple pics of the elk head I could send you...

  6. Saw all your shots on here - you have an awesome camera/s and an amazing eye... hope this is what you do for a living b/c you have found your calling. signed someone who knows


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