Been 'away'...

I've been working on some personal projects recently, so I must apologize for the absence. I've decided to start selling my prints in earnest and needed to have the basic framework in place to be able to do so. That's where I've been...

If anyone is going to post in the next few days/week, there might still be an issue with the upload process. Instead of opening images in your browser, it prompts you to save them on your computer...not good. So, when you're posting, if you're HTMl savvy and want to tinker, do so. If not, I'm happy to edit the code for you. This just started happening, and hopefully will be resolved soon.

For my images I'm just picking and placing here, as none of these are new. I've been going back through my three 'recent' trips to Utah and it's been a blast. Here are a few of my favorites I've 'rediscovered' so far.


  1. Egg salad, I love the feeling of those photos. They have a real mood to them.


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