From Iraq to all the world

My dear friends
I am so glad to meet you in this wonderful society, hope to give my very best I could to made
frienship with all of you, and also to sharing the beauty of the nature's colors with all of you.
We sharing the smae sky, stars in the nights, breathing with the same air, we are humans before
be Muslims, Christians, Jewish or Indus...We can unit and love each other.

Lets take photos and sharing them colors between each other, then we can test the glory of humanity.



  1. Hi Azhy,

    Thanks for joining. I appreciate your excitement and look forward to seeing some of your photos. We tend to focus more on nature and landscape photos here, but feel free to post any images that inspire you or that you think might inspire others.

    Thank again,

  2. Can't wait to see some other parts of the world. Having participation from abroad is very exciting.

  3. Azhy. Your message is a great one. I look forward to seeing your photos!
    Cheers To The Glory Of Humanity!


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