2007 in Review

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great time with their celebrations last eve. I spent some time going back through the year and decided to post some of my favorite shots posted on the site and to share some site traffic stats. The images are in alphabetical order based upon the photographer's first name and are not organized based upon any rating...I just like them. Feel free to comment or post your favorite images from 2007, just be sure to credit each photographer accordingly. Best to you all in 2008!

Ambrose Krumpe:

Andrew Doolittle:

Christian Schultz:

Dave Goff:

Jay Wesler:

June Doolittle:

Ken Kapinski:

Lane Guitzkow:

Larry Stanley:

Meggan Carrigg Davidson:

Site Stats:
Here are our site stats for 2007. Visitors (yellow) and Page Views (orange) are directly tied to the number of posts-per-month, which I added in gray text at the bottom of each column on the upper graph. In other words, a small number of additional posts each month results in far greater readership. I encourage everyone in 2008 to post a few extra times (as you're able, of course) and I think we can really bring our reader numbers up and get some well-deserved recognition for all the talented photographers who participate in this blog. I appreciate everyone's efforts for the past two and a half years, and look forward to what the New Year offers.

Some additional stats for the blog from 2005-2007:

Total Number of posts: 345

Total Number of visitors: 12,856

Total Number of Page Views: 30,706

Average Visits Per Day: 19

Average Visit Length: 3mins 9sec

Viewership by Country:
United States: 76%
United Kingdom: 7%
Germany: 7%
Israel: 5%
Netherlands: 1%
Malaysia: 1%
Japan: 1%
Canada 1%
Australia: 1%

Viewership by Continent:
North America: 77%
Europe: 15%
Asia: 7%
Oceania/Australasia: 1%


  1. Hey, thanks so much for compiling all of that. That's a nice conclusion to this year. I wish I would have participated more this year, my New Years resolution is to post more this year. I think it's so cool that people abroad have been checking out the blog. Good job everyone, I've enjoyed all of your photos, every week I stop in to cruise around the photos for a while.

  2. Cody, thanks for compiling your faves - they are beautiful.

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