Bridges Through The Sky

He came to visiting us, without care of
religion, nationality, language, cultural deference.
He put the risks of the territory behind his trustful steps, he decide to travel and landing for the first time is his life in the land of tears and Pain. Challenging the hate and dark soul of terrorists by his pure love.
He came to draw a smile, to support Iraqi people even for a little while. To telling us: "Here I am, ready to stand against thousands of
kilometers between us, ready to built bridges of humanity,love and
cooperation, ready to support you, how ever you be, Arab or
Kurd, black or white,I don't care". Said Mike Simmons, The President of Astronomers Without Borders Organization in California.
Mike visited us in October.2006, but now I am really happy and honor to sharing you what Mike has done with us after he bring 100 Kilograms of astronomical equipments from California to Northern Iraq. Most of these equipments were presented directly from Orange County Astronomers to my astronomical association as donations.
These photos taken by him and by his camera during his trip to my country, especially those over mount Korek which holding the damaged former Iraqi National Astronomical Observatory.
Please my friends, give me a chance to presenting my speciall thanks to Mike Simmons on this wonderful Society, and my regards to all my faithful American friends.


  1. Thank you for this write-up, Azhy. I'm very glad that your organization has received supplies and help from the States. The service you're providing children and adults in your country will only help keep their dreams alive. Thank you again for this great story...and for all of your efforts helping others.

  2. Thanks for a bit of the good news that happens all the time but is rarely recognized by the mainstream media. Please keep us updated and post more pictures!


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