Advertising photo shoot gone "right"

Benefis Hospital in Great Falls

Just got back from Great Falls tonight. I was shooting ads for the Benefis Hospital in Great Falls for the last four days. How lucky am I to have Lauren Brown helping me with this project for the creation of a new ad campaign for Benefis.

Here's Lauren analysing the early morning light at 7:30 am in preparation for the 8 o'clock shoot. If anyone thinks romance recedes at middle age... check out this real life couple that were our models that morning. Cheers to Jo and Bill of Great Falls. LOVE is timeless!

The next challenge was a four year old that was supposed to be the patient for two experienced RN's. As it turned out, Dante took the helm, and they became the patients!!! Lauren even got her ears examined. I'm thinking that the ad agency will take the new ad in a completely different direction when they see the images. Enjoy!


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