The Farm

Here are a few shots from the farm. As some of you may know, I am embarking on a new career path, and I am considering starting an animal modeling agency.
Is anyone looking for some chicken models? Sheep?

Kidding....they are pretty photogenic though!


  1. Fantastic images, Doo, great to see you're still taking shots. Ahoyo!

  2. There's a lot of character in each shot, Andrew, especially all that attitude pouring from your cat. Great pics!

  3. So cute. I especially love the sheep shot!! Nice work.

  4. Critter-town, love it. I just spent the last couple of weeks taking care of my sister's chickens...way fun. And who knew that going for eggs twice a day is like a treasure hunt? (probably lots of people...ha) Great shots, Doo, keep 'em coming!


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