Lake Placid

Here are a few shots from my recent pilgramage to play hockey in the Olympic Arena in Lake Placid, NY. It's such a great town....still thriving, almost 30 years after the Olympics. The ski jumps are just outside of town, as well as the Biathalon course, Luge, Bobsled etc. There are still people from all over the world competing there throughout the season.
The Bobsled is open to the public. My brother did it, and he said that he felt his body being left behind and he will never do it again. He was terrified. Still is.


  1. Those jumps scare me!! So cool - looks like a great trip!

  2. Good times, Capt. Doo, so glad you got to do that... You're kind of on a Hockey High lately, aren't you? :-)


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