Morning Surprise

Just got back from a little overnighter at Pear Lake in the Crazies. Kind of a bugger to get to, pretty sure there is no trail to the lake. At least I didn't find one. Lots of steep, loose, talus to contend with made even more enjoyable by the intermittent rain on the hike in. Bout the time I got the tent set up and ate dinner rain had pretty much set in for the night. In the tent at 8pm didn't leave the tent till 7 the next morning, I woke to find a wonderful dusting of snow had fallen. The wind had howled all night long ( think Livingston winds on steroids) and I was thankful for the shelter of the little pines that I could nestle my tent into. Still very windy and cold in the morning, I never even took my fly rod out of the case. Till we meet again.



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