My legs are still hurting

On 8-3-10 I climbed Emigrant Peak. As the title says, my legs are still hurting. Emigrant peak stands at 10921 feet above sea level. The climb from Gold Prize Creek trail-head up the north west ridge is 4687 vertical feet over about 3 miles. My guide book says 6 miles each way, but I don't believe that is correct. Though not a technical climb, there were a few areas of moderate exposure, and one would surely not want to trip and start tumbling down the side of the mountain. It is a rather steep climb with just a faint hint of a trail on the upper slopes. Coming down sucked worse than going up!!! All and all a great climb which I would highly (get it.. highly) recommend. Trip time for me was 6.5 hours round trip.



  1. Never done that hike before-thanks for the inspiration, I think. :) Great shots!

  2. Wow man, sounds like a kicker. Beautiful pics, and I love the 'Yippee!' look confident from your success, but there's no smile there...must've been tired! :-)


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