Spent Labor Day paddling down in Yellowstone with some friends. We paddled from Lewis Lake to Shoshone Lake, our camps site was 8Q4

The paddle was about 7 miles and took us approximately 4 hours or so. We got a little bit of a late start and didn't get on the water till about 13:00 hours. luckily the wind didn't get too bad, although I was a smidge worried when we hit Shoshone Lake but it turned out to be not so bad. I must say, quite the awesome way to explore a small part of Yellowstone. Here are some photos of the trip.


Paddling on Lewis lake

Paddling in the Lewis Channel

About the last mile or so of Lewis Channel you have to tow your boat up stream because the current is too much to paddle.
Approaching Shoshone Lake

Paddling Shoshone Lake, our camp spot is out on the big peninsula just ahead and left of the kayak.

Backcountry campsites in Yellowstone have designated eating and sleeping areas. Here we are eating dinner , I had a wonderful PB &J followed by a nice Cliff bar....yummy!

Photo of the hanging pole for food and other odorous stuffs

My meager sleeping spot for the night




  1. I love this camping spot. I miss going there so much. Being in the military takes me all kinds of cool places, but I still think home in Montana is the best. I hope I can get leave in July before I deploy so I can make it there.

  2. Truly a great spot and a great place. I too plan on going back again this summer and spending more time there. Safe travels and thank you for serving.



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