Crazy Peak

Did some camping and climbing last weekend. Me and Robert hiked to Blue lake in the Crazies, spent the night, than attacked Crazy Peak on Sunday. Here is a little photo essay.

The obligatory "Here is where we camped picture" On the south shore of Blue Lake.

After leaving camp in the morning we quickly gain about 1000 feet to get us at the bottom of this north face that leads us up to the west ridge. The red lines show our approximate route. The right side going up and the left side coming down.

Starting up the north face

Gets a little better

About half way up the north face. Looking kind of small and insignificant from here!

After gaining about another 1000 vertical feet we arrive on the west ridge.

Looking north, view of (from left to right) Granite, Blue, and Thunder lakes
Starting up the west ridge

A little higher looking down the west ridge

Robert approaching the False Summit. Here it starts to get a little tricky. The red line shows part of the route to the summit.

Once on the false summit, you must climb down this chute. I've read it is about 70 feet high, its steep, and its got a bunch of loose rock in fun!

So here is a view looking down the chute. Once down, you then have to maneuver around this spire between the false summit and the true summit.

After you are around the spire, you gain a little elevation and look for one last chute to climb.

Here Robert is climbing the last chute. After this its a quick 40 feet to the summit.

Robert and Ken make the summit!! Yippee

A little B&W conversion of a view from the top.

Saw Mr. Slithers driving out that evening

What a great weekend and a great climb. I must say I was a bit worried after getting to the false summit and looking down that chute, looked pretty sketchy to me. But after climbing it down and back, it wasn't really THAT bad. Just take your time and be careful if you go. Actually I thought the worst part was climbing back down the north face from the west ridge. Just a bunch of shitty loose talus most of the way down. Not really setting and land speed records, about 3000 vertical feet and maybe 3 miles, it took us about 7 hours round trip from camp. Then another 2 hours to hike back to the car. Needless to say, pretty tired that night. Looking forward to my next adventure.



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