I was out sight seeing with my Father In Law, Larry Reed, near his home in Luther, MT. We came upon a swarm of bees that were looking for a new home. They had grown out of the stack and were taking the queen to a new home. When a bee keeper is on his game he knows when they are ready to swarm and has an empty stack waiting on top of the full one, with some honey spilled in it, and the bees will go right into it. Unfortunately it was early spring and it was very cold that day and froze that night, we hoped they made it to their next location alive. Bees don't sting when they swarm, so you could kind of pet them, it felt like vibrating velvet.


  1. Creeebzzzzz, theezzze are amazzzzingg. Not only are they crazy-cool shots, your narration is great. It was like reading a quick column out of Journal of Science or something. Well done.

  2. Buzz Buzz. I have heard about this and I have always wanted to see it. Thanks!


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