My Plastic Life

I am tiny.
I am plastic.
I live in a happy plastic town.
I went to a plastic wedding.
I went to the Wicked Wandas
and necked on the porch, under the eaves.
I watched Uncle Les load plastic milk
onto a plastic train.
I walked through the railyard
while the switchmen worked.
I couldn't believe my plastic eyes,
when I saw my plastic friend
be eaten by a plastic bear.


  1. very cool. Where was this Doo?

  2. Stay clear of solvents!

    Nice perspective with the live person in the shot. I can think of all sorts of fun things you could do with that!

    Thanks, Larry

  3. I think this is the place I always tried to build using Legos when I was a kid - a railroadin', moonshinin' kick in the dirt. I love the Corvette on the lawn with the Five-0 on the scene, and ANOTHER cop giving a ticket under the flag behind the National Bry. Co. And that last picture...first a coyote, then a man. Doolittle!



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