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Just wanted everyone to know the blog has been switched to the newer version. Logging on will now require a Google account, so PLEASE let me know if you have troubles getting signed on. There are additional features, some of them back end, some of them for the user. Although Blogger calls them "Labels", we can now Tag our posts, i.e. B+W, Utah, MT, Snow, whatever... In the "Labels" section of the "Create Post" console (bottom-right corner), please put your user name in as a tag. This will allow us to be able to click that tag and see all of that contributors submissions....pretty cool.

You will notice the number of contributors on the site has gone from 40+ to only 4. This is because you have to switch your account over before you show up. Also, in the post 'comments' pop-up, you will notice a slight change including text verification. This allows folks who aren't blog members to post comments, while the text verification keeps out bots that post spam comments to phishing sites and whatnot.

I'm also considering switching up the template a bit. This will probably take place over the next week or so. Please add comments to let me know if you like the direction we're going. I want this to be an inclusive process, one where you can have some input into the creation of things here on the blog.

Also, you will notice the URL is now You can use the old address, but is the default...hooray! It's been a long time 'in the making', but we're finally at our own home. To bad we didn't build our own 'house'...

Last, but not least, I apologize to Doolittle for 'trumping' his amazing photo post with this technical garble.

Thanks to all. Sign up for the new blogger and get your photo on...
Code Red


  1. That header image is beautiful. Nice shot of the Beartooths. The update looks good. Good job Rouge, thanks a million.

  2. Hey Cre,

    Thanks for your comment. The new header shot is actually Jay''s a pimpin' shot. I wish the new version of blogger had more cosmetic effects, but I like the functionality better. Jay and I are wanting to customize the template a great deal in the next few months, so I hope that goes through.

    Ahoy, brother.


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