New 'Label' option

As you will have noticed, upgrading versions did not change the visual exterior, or template, of our blog...except for the great new header shot from Jay! On the inside, though, are some extra features designed to make our blog more visible to the outside world. The addition of Labels, 'tags' to the rest of the world, allow our posts to be logged by services that do as much: Technorati, Keotag, TagFetch, etc.

I've just discovered another cool Web 2.0 service,, that uses ZIP code tags for 'neighborhood' social bookmarking. If you enter in the zip code 59047 on their site, you'll see Livingston, MT and all of the Livingston Photo Society blog entries. Here, give it a try, I did all the 'work' for you. So, to contribute further, simply add the ZIP code for wherever it is that you are posting from as a Label in the 'Create Post' window in blogger and it'll link your posts to both your location and 59047...pretty cool.


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