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It's been quite some time since I've posted. Other than the technical difficulties, well, you could say I've been having some technical difficulties. Ah, redundency..., which has been our host here for the past 1.5 years, has recently undergone some changes. I'm not sure how many of you know, but a new version of Blogger is out and my thoughts are that we should be upgrading. There are a few conditions, so to speak, but I think they will be in the interest of our blog and its members. One of these conditions is that all blog members must have a G-mail/Google account...

So, in the interest of feedback, I'd like to hear what members have to say. If you would like a more 'involved' answer as to what the changes will include, please visit the following: Update Tour
(Update: I noticed that this tour is pretty weak. The new blogger has additional changes not listed in the provided 5-frame tour. I'll post or link to those additional upgrades over the weekend.)

I'd appreciate comments or e-mails regarding the I might decide not to switch over just yet if it happens to be in your best interest. If I don't get any feedback, I will be updating the site on Jan. 12th.


I've been going back through my shots from Utah in October and wanted to share another pile. Maybe it'll make up for having not posted in 2 months...



  1. Sweet black and white! I really like the river view shot.

    I'm still a big fan of wordpress and would like to switch over to, but you know...

  2. CR,
    I love your shots mang. Top notch!
    As for the site, if you wanted to make the switch I have a few gmail invites left that I could send to members so they can have an account. I don't mind the old, I'm used to it. Either way is cool. I love this community! And I love you! Happy New Year! peace~KtT

  3. Thanks for the comments, lads. Jay, Wordpress is definitely in the future of our little photo society, but it'll have to be later this year. I've made promises regarding this before and not fulfilled them...I don't want to make that mistake again. However, one nice thing about the new blogger is that you can control the DNS information. If we go live with the new blogger on Jan. 12th, the URL will now be Conveniently, old links to will redirect automatically to the new addie. Sweet.

    It's my opinion that everyone should have a G-mail account, but that's just me. It's free, spacious and easy-to-use. KtT, I created a "livphotsoc" account with G-mail and have all of my invites left, but I appreciate your offering. It would likely take a little bit to get aquainted with the new blogger environment, but it's rather similar to what already exists. The new features will be fun for those that enjoy discovering and messing around with that kind of stuff. If everyone uses the tools I think it will make for a better blog, but the new experience can be almost identical to the old (current) one.

    We'll see what others have to say and go through the ideas. Again, thanks for submitting.


  4. I would follow LPS into the coldest reaches of hell. I say that inspite of the fact that I have yet to post a single photo (it's on my list). If the switch improves the site then I say do it.

    I just got a gmail account last month. Very easy. For those folks who are unaware or unsure, go the the gmail web site and they will text an invite code to your cell phone, if you have one, if not hit one of us up for an invite.

  5. I heart my gmail account. I just upgraded my blog to this new set up, and I really like it. I also have a bunch of gmail invites, so if anyone needs one just email me. Like Max I would follow LPS over a cliff with blinders on, but first we'd have to take photos of the cliff.

  6. ps. Thanks Cody for stearing the ship through the waters.

  7. They are all very nice :)


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