Chicago Transit woes...

The Chicago Transit Authority recently launched a $530 million dollar project to expand and upgrade the Brown line elevated tracks. Today they began the most restrictive part of the construction - complete elimination of a track and reduction of rail cars during rush hour. This part of the construction is scheduled for the next 3 years, much to the dismay and frustration of many Chicagoians. To commemorate this occasion, here is a photo of the old station at the Belmont Ave. stop (part of my old stomping grounds).


  1. Should be interesting. I'm glad I don't have to deal with the transition. I used to take the brown line all the time. I can only imagine how packed the red line is during rush hour.

  2. The Brown Line has gotten worse recently. I've boarded a packed train at just after 8 am and for the next 4 stops no one could get on because it was a (squished) sardine can. With the reduction in cars at rush hour, closing of 3-4 stops at a time, and loss of a track at Belmont and Fullerton, it's just not going to be a picnic for the next 3 years. I wish I could avoid it but, alas, it's a necessity at times.

  3. Having only spent a little time in Chicago, I am not familiar with the transportation situation, but have lived and spent enough time in cities to feel your pain. You could always move to Montana, where construction on the Brown line means they're grading a dirt road somewhere. :-)

    Thanks for the pic, Nanc, the various light sources rock. Great levels throughout...



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