Music - front room style!

I've just got to share this place with folks around the Bozeman/Livingston area. Looking for an amazing place to take friend or campanion to hear some great music... up close??? I've got the place.

It's a home in the Springhill area that hosts the most intimate, amazing music experience in the area. It's like having a great talent come to your home for the evening. Big Sky High, is a spacious home/recording studio that is owned and operated by Dave Goodwin at the Goodwin Ranch. The great room and adjoining living room is filled with comfy couches and chairs. It holds about 100 people max. Put this place on your list for that special date.

Saturday night, we were invited to see Darrell Scott perform. Darrell is a well published singer/songwriter from Nashville. His voice and excellent guitar work is an experience not to be missed. He'll be performing again in the Livingston area this July 1st with a number of other famous performers. You should keep an eye on the Big Sky High website for details.

Also, I have to mention that this beautiful angel Jessica Kilroy played during the intermission. What a voice!

Here are a few images of the concert and the glowing hands of Darrell Scott. All images ©2007 Larry Stanley

And this is Jessica Kilroy...


  1. Thanks for the introduction Larry. Looks like a cool place. Great pics too.

  2. I almost got to go see a show there once, but it didn't pan out. A very cool concept, and after checking out their website and seeing pictures of the in-house studio...well, I want one. Who doesn't, eh? heh

    Awesome pics, thanks for sharing the goodz.



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