lagoon shot...

Anybody have shots of the lagoon in Livingston? I took this about a month ago. I'm just curious because the consistently still water of the lagoon produces great reflections. If anyone has any reflectionnoitcelfer shots...please share. Cheers.


  1. This picture is beautiful! I will now try a reflection shot in the lagoon!

  2. This is very pretty - it reminds me of Scotland. You have done a wonderful job with the composition, and I like the bright spot of sky.

    Did you take this in color? Just curious as to what color the water and trees are there...I would love to try and take a picture of this lagoon myself, but the commute would kill me!

  3. Jay, another classic. Thanks for capturing that one, so close to your house, but a perfect scene. Hard to catch a still day in Livingston.


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