Minor update...

I just added the ability to rate a post here on the Livingston Photo Society. Near the bottom of each entry you'll see 5 stars - just hover your mouse over them and you'll see that they highlight based upon your vote. Let me know if you have any questions.


UPDATE: Just to clarify, the new system of rating allows as many votes as can come in and then averages them. If you see a post that's been rated and all the stars are filled, you can still mouse-over and it'll show you the rating scale so you can offer your input.


  1. The star rating system has pros and cons. I give this website addition one star.

  2. Thanks, anonymous. You're correct, it has pros and cons, but it's just a way for folks to get some feedback since we receive very few comments here on the Livingston Photo Society. How about making a suggestion, rather than just being anonymously critical? I give your comment one star, but I appreciate your leaving it. Let us know if you have ideas that will help make this a better blog...


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