Finally, winter with Rain and Snow!

Just after my last posted words, a lyres of low dark clouds finally
covered our skies, after 3 days of good rain, snow start falling
over northern Iraqi regions.
I am living in Arbil city; some snow has covered our back yard for a little
while but it melted very fast.
Any way, the mountains now are looks like giant icebergs, also Kanzad
Hills -East of Arbil city- was a good territory for snow fun.
Every body is happy now, although Iraqi peoples are still suffering from terrorists and terrorism dark days.

Dry snow on the right and wet snow on the left!

Every body are invited!

Every body made Snow man!

My son Muhamed try to catch some snow!


  1. wow, it's really amazing seeing your photos, so far away, brought close by this blog. Thank you for sharing with us.

    We have had snow now for roughly 5 months and I am looking forward to seeing green again!

  2. Hi Azhy,

    Thank you for these images. I'm a bit behind in commenting, but have enjoyed these and all of your posts. I look forward to seeing what you send us next.


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