A walk in the park

Went down to Yellowstone with CodeRed on tuesday.

Was a perfect day, mostly sunny with temps just above zero.

I learned one thing, Not only is CodeRed creative behind the lens, he is also a great navigator. Here we see Cody pointing the way, NorthWest I believe.

And one photo of Igloo Nation taken last Sunday.



  1. Genius, Ken. I have so much to say about your images that I shouldn't say anything at all. Bravo and many thanks.

  2. I love these, especially the one of the two trees! Cody said you guys had quite the excursion. Maybe I can go with you two one of these days! Keep em comin'!

  3. Here's a dumb igloo question from a girl who could never make more than a snow cave by digging into the pile at the end of the driveway...

    Does it have a door to keep the critters OUT?


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